Paul Anthony Adams

Composer for TV, Film & Interactive Media

Studio images.


Photograph of Paul.

Paul was born in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire and began playing piano at an early age. He started taking formal music lessons aged 11 on the piano, clarinet, guitar and later on, flute.

By age 13 Paul was playing in two local orchestras alongside adult musicians, performing a broad range of classical pieces at live concerts.

During his later teens Paul played keyboards in a number of pop/rock bands, and had music featured on the TV programme SeeHear, hosted by Toyah Wilcox. The track served as the backdrop to the first televised ‘Space Invaders’ video game competition.

Paul continued to study classical composition alongside his involvement with contemporary music during his time at college.

Shortly after leaving college Paul was offered the position of keyboard player with the rock band Giantkiller, also doubling as arranger/producer on all the new material for the band’s upcoming fourth studio album with the Chapel Lane label. During his time with them he performed at The Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena and Knebworth Park.

Returning to the Midlands Paul then spent the following years setting up his own recording studio, writing, working as a session musician and producing albums for other artists. During this time he developed his love of Celtic music, playing alongside several excellent Irish musicians.

In 2004 Paul wrote and produced an album of Celtic-influenced instrumental music. He sent copies of the album to 3 different record companies and received an offer to sign from all 3. He finally settled on New World Music Ltd. who released the album as ‘New Beginnings’ in 2005.

Since that time Paul has worked for New World Music as a writer and producer and has released albums in many different musical styles, including Indian, Japanese, Celtic, Classical, Jazz-Fusion and Western Contemporary, often under a pseudonym. Mostly working from the record company’s brief, Paul has consistently produced high quality work, some of which has been picked up by production companies and used on TV programmes, in particular the H2 history channel. Paul’s music has also featured on several compilation albums alongside artists including Annie Lennox, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Seal, KT Tunstall, Alicia Keys, Moby, Anastasia, LeAnn Rimes, Eurythmics and INXS.

While continuing to write and produce albums for New World Music, Paul now writes original music for T.V., Film and the video games industry.

On a personal note Paul says “My father was a very keen amateur filmmaker and had his own studio at home, so I was always surrounded by cine while I was growing up. I think it helped me gain an understanding of film, how the process works, the reasons why certain things are so important and how the score supports and enhances the film.”